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How We Help

As part of our mission to help guide our clients through the maze of financial decisions facing you each day, we offer late-stage college planning services for parents with students who will be attending college in the near future.

Our main emphasis is on families with college-bound children who are sophomores through seniors in high school. Our certified College Planning Specialists can help you:

1. Find the best schools for your child based on his/her interests and your budget (Tip: settling for a less expensive school may, in some cases, end up costing you MORE!)

2. Help you get the largest financial aid package available to you (Tip: Owning a home, or having a high income, doesn’t necessarily disqualify your child from being eligible for aid!)

3. Guide you through the college and financial aid application process (Tip: At least 74% of financial aid forms go in with errors that could cost you thousands in lost aid!)

4. Provide you with a college planning checklist and timeline for completion of necessary steps (Know what needs to be done, and when, to qualify for the most financial aid.)

5. Show you how to pay for any out-of-pocket portion of your child’s college costs in the most efficient and tax-favored manner possible (We can show parents who don’t qualify for aid, or who have a high EFC, how to pay for this with minimum impact on your lifestyle or retirement plans.)

Please see our College Planning Service page for more information,or register for one of our upcoming FREE workshops in your area!

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