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College Solutions LLC has been providing college funding assistance to families for over 14 years. We work with families in Texas as well as the surrounding states. We have experience with all levels of education from community colleges, public universities and the Ivy Leagues.


Angie Grimm is our Lead College Funding Professional. She is a financial professional specializing in solving the late-stage college planning problem for families. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska.

Over the last 14 years, Angie and her team have worked with hundreds of families with college bound students to successfully enroll in the college of their choice, improve their financial aid picture and to pay for college on a tax-favored basis while keeping their other financial goals and retirement plans intact.

She has researched and developed an extensive knowledge about the college financial aid system, benefiting families with advice and strategies that most parents don’t think about or have access to when saving and paying for college. She prides herself in helping students make an informed educational decision to pursue their educational goals. As a financial professional she assists parents improve their financial aid picture, pay for college on a tax favored basis and set up a solid financial plan for college and retirement.

Angie resides in Amarillo, TX with her husband, and they have 2 children. Her son & daughter have been through the college experience and graduated debt free.


Brittany is a College Funding Specialist focusing on helping families solve their late stage college planning challenges.  She eagerly joined our team in 2021. She holds a B.S. in Agriculture Business and Economics from West Texas A&M University. She resides in Canyon, TX with her husband. Brittany looks forward to working with clients to help solve life's financial issues as it pertains to college expenses & beyond, and aid in reaching new milestones.

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