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Carol & Ben H-Dallas TX

“Hiring Angie and her team is one of the best things we’ve done. They really make things stress free and explain things in a way that are easy to understand. They have great attention to detail and kept us on track during our daughter’s senior year. They have also helped us with our retirement which was a nice bonus. We highly recommend this company for worry free college & retirement planning.”

Kathy & Tom T-Amarillo TX

“We have been working with Angie and her team for quite some time now. Her communication, passion and knowledge of the process is comforting and, more importantly, effective. She helped us get to the finish line with many college acceptance offers. Angie and her team have been with us every step of the way. The investment that my wife and I made relative to College Solutions LLC is a no-brainer. We now have a clear and concise plan that is realistic and because of Angie and her teams’ guidance........ obtainable. I recommend College Solutions 100%, and, in fact, the investment absolutely pays for itself.”

Russ & Jill G-Amarillo TX

“Our family has had a wonderful experience working with Angie

and her team at College Solutions LLC. She helped us with our

oldest child and now the 2nd. We have peace of mind we have a

plan for all 4 of our children as they approach their college years.

She has also helped us get our retirement plans in order to secure

a guaranteed retirement without unnecessary risk.

Don’t hesitate to meet with Angie and her team. Learn how they

can help you save money just like we did!”

John & Mary M.-Amarillo TX

“I can’t express to you enough how grateful we are to have had the support

of Angie & the college planning to walk us through this whole process. I

never would have dreamed that this is where we would be 18 months ago.

We now have a solid plan to help our 3 children pay for college.

Thank you for your guidance and we look forward to continuing working

with you.”

Tommy & Corina H-Amarillo TX

“We cannot adequately express our gratitude to Angie and The College

Planning Network for their help in securing college funding for our 2

children. She reduced our EFC by over $10,000 by completing the

FAFSA correctly! In addition, she was able to simplify the complicated

financial aid jargon and of fer ways to pay for college while still

maintaining our lifestyle. The team is always available to address any

questions or concerns and have assured us we will survive having

Jodi J-Amarillo TX

“Good friends recommended Angie & College Solutions to me.

She conveyed a sense of relief at having an experienced

professional handle the college funding process from start to

finish. It can be over whelming. My husband and I, too, have been

very happy with the decision to utilize her services. We found

ourselves comfortable discussing our financials and very pleased

with her counseling and recommendations. We all have our

expertise. It was nice to know that when the time came to need

someone else’s expertise, Angie, and her team at The College

Planning Network were there to assist. Simply put, they took the

worry out of the process and saved us time and money we wouldn’t

have otherwise known to be possible.”

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